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19: Sometimes great things happen, but only like once every 5 years

19: Sometimes great things happen, but only like once every 5 years

Wow. So much has happened that I barely know where to start.

I haven’t been able to write much for the last few months because I thought it might be fun to teach 3 classes at 8 a.m. and work full-time at the station. I know, right? Super crazy.

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While I was super, crazy ridiculous busy, I had a job interview at Sinclair to be the advisor for the student paper, the Clarion, as well as the new journalism instructor. If I am being honest, my end game was just to get my own office.

Let me just say, I absolutely hate job interviews. I always blow one or two questions, and this interview was the same. Since I am a college instructor, my interviews are typically with a large group of people all asking me questions and looking me up and down.


My interview lasted about 20 minutes, which seemed very short to me. I was convinced that I did not get the job. I have had so many interviews where I thought I was spectacular just to learn that I didn’t get the job and wore heels for nothing.

I wore flats this time. And a comfortable shirt. A simple outfit to give off a scent of my style. The last time I got a job (WHIO), I did the same. I wore hot pink eye shadow and shirt. I was myself because after years of interviews you just throw your hands in the air. And I got that job.

After my interview, which was only 20 minutes, I walked back to my car. I replayed the interview in my head over and over. Why didn’t I say that? Why didn’t I do this? It’s a lot like improv. In the moment, you do what is in your head. Afterwards, you go over 28 other things you could have said that would have been funnier.

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But something happened.

I actually ended up getting the job! My smile and hilarious demeanor won in the end. And let me say, this really is my dream job. Without a doubt, I am fairly certain that I didn’t get those other jobs because this one was waiting for me. I am going to have my own office.

I now have my amazing job and couldn’t be happier. Starting in January, I will have just one job. Only one. Uno. Ein. Wan. Bir. Usa. Bir. Un. Han. That’s just one in a bunch of different languages. Did you know that there are like an insane amount of languages?

I am still working part time at the station until Dec. 31 to help out. Leaving will be difficult, but that’s an entire blog for another time.

Did I mention I get my own office?

20: Living the best life I can

20: Living the best life I can

18: It's been a minute, but I am still here!

18: It's been a minute, but I am still here!