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Aaron Phillips can respect a tasteful cape

Aaron Phillips can respect a tasteful cape

How would you describe your comedic style?

Absurdity. One-liners. Dumb nerd shit for ugly idiot dorks. Erotic heart-pounding thrill-a-minute action. Awkward. Irreverence. Irrelevance. Wordplay. I've been told I resemble the singer Roy Orbison if he underwent gender reassignment surgery.

How would you describe yourself off stage?

Self-destructive. Passive-aggressive. Cynical. Tender. Pussy-ass bitch. Junkhunter. Mind-expander. I like psychedelic, sci-fi, metal records, classic film noir, sweet ‘70s boogie vans, ‘80s summer camp movies and ‘90s bad rap.

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What is your opinion on people who wear capes?

They are classy, dramatic, statement-making, heroic, wealthy, operatic, commanding and super. I respect a tasteful cape.

Who is a comedian that inspires you?

Steve Martin. The Far Side. Groucho Marx. Jonathan Winters. Emo Phillips. Mike Hillinski.


Who is one of your favorite wrestlers?

Hacksaw Jim Duggan makes me smile. Ric Flair = Best on the mic ever. Mick Foley = Hero

How did you get the title “Mayor of the Oregon District”?

I gave it to myself because I wanted somebody to challenge me on it and look ridiculous.

What’s your favorite part of being a Dayton comedian?

All comedians have a chip on their shoulder, and all Daytonians have a chip on their shoulder too. That’s chips on top of chips. My fav chips are BBQ Grippos. Send me free delicious BBQ Grippos. Grippos.

Will humans ever live on Mars?

I have to believe humans will eventually colonize Mars because as a comedian, I'm a delusional oblivious optimist.



What is your favorite outfit to wear on stage?

The white suit I wear gets the most attention. The wrestling singlet was fun. Fun for me at least, but not for the audience; it was terrifying. The first multi-colored Cosby sweater was cool, but later I found a black/brown/grey sweater with pockets that is the jam.

If a song was written about you, what would the title be?

“Single Grown Man Watching Ren & Stimpy Blues” ('98 club remix 12-inch dance version)


DC or Marvel?

Jack Kirby was called the king for a reason. His illustrations for both Marvel and DC were dope AF, so I like both for different reasons. Marvel finally at last made a legit funny Spider-Man movie with Spider-Man: Homecoming and it only took them 6 tries. On the other hand, the DC animated universe starting with the ‘92 Batman: The Animated Series up to Justice League Unlimited is awesome. And Batman Returns had TV’s Frank Reynolds as The Penguin. 100 100 100.

What is in your comedy future?

On Saturday, Sept. 30 there is a comedy show out in front of my family’s antique store (Feather’s Vintage Clothing on Fifth Street in the Oregon) on the sidewalk. We’ve got comics coming from Indy, Cincy, Columbus and Toledo as well as local favorites including Jesse Nutt and Kyle Jeffers from Cincy.

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