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Dave Hill to 'bring the heat' to Wiley's

Dave Hill to 'bring the heat' to Wiley's

Dave Hill hasn’t been to Dayton since he filmed and starred in “Boy Band” last December, but he’s excited to be back this week at Wiley’s Comedy Club.

So, Dave Hill the actor is at Wiley’s? Why? Or is it Dave Hill the musician? That doesn’t make sense. It’s actually Dave Hill the comedian who will be here Wednesday with Happy Chichester and Nathan Peters.

Hill is a man of many faces and according to his biography has made out with many chicks. In addition to being an actor, musician and comedian, he is a radio show host and writer. But he kind of just fell into comedy.

“It was very passive. I never set out to do comedy. It just started happening. I like to avoid normal employment, so it works,” Hill said.

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While he has been doing comedy the last 12 years, acting is a bit of a new frontier for Hill. Most recently he appeared in the third season of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” in which he plays a character called Creep.

“It was cool. I was supposed to be in just one episode, but Tina [Fey] kept me for three, so that’s progress,” he said.

Hill said that comedy is his main gig right now, but he has been a musician since he was a teeny tiny tender 13-year-old growing in Cleveland. He has been in a multitude of bands probably way too many to name.

Currently, he fronts a metal band Witch Taint and Valley Lodge, which many might know from their song “Go.” The main hook of that song is played at the beginning of John Oliver’s “This Week Tonight.”

So will there be music at this show Wednesday? It’s quite possible. Happy Chichester, who is from Columbus, has toured with the Afghan Whigs and is a founding member of the Twilight Singers. You might also know him as the front man of the classic Columbus bands  Royal Crescent Mob and Howlin’ Maggie. Hill might have a crush on him.

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“I am super-psyched to hang out with Happy. Just playing with him is worth the trip. He is probably one of my most favorite human beings ever,” Hill said.

Hill said that he plans to “bring the heat” to the Dayton show.  There is going to be more talent at Wiley’s on Wednesday than there has been since I headlined that open mic that one time. Also, Hill has a made a promise to all that come out.

“If you come to the show and are not satisfied, you can kick me in the taint,” he said.

That’s commitment.

Tickets are $10 online and $15 at the door. Go to Wiley’s website for more info.

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